Stacia Smith


I am passionate about working with people who are on a quest to tap into their higher self with a strong motivation to up-level their unique  way of being in the world.  As your coach, I will support your stated vision of transformation;  the ideal personal future of yourself.  Remarkable changes can and do occur in career, relationships, health, well-being and quality of life when working with a coach.

Awakening to intuition, broken down, is the process of deeply looking at your choices and then feeling/sensing potential unexpected outcomes using the body as a guide and teacher, otherwise known as 'felt sense'.   This is where deep transformation happens.

As you look at all aspects of your life and wish to hone in on specific areas for change, are committed and dedicated to do the work of integration, transcendence can occur quickly when working with a coach.  When appropriate, we may work with somatic / embodiment practices to first see the possibilities and then create the lived experiences.  Reality first happens internally before it can manifest externally.

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